My name is Emily, and I am a Gelliaholic! I recently started art journaling and began watching tutorials on YouTube, created by artists, hoping to learn some easy painting techniques. I stumbled upon the Gel Arts Gel Printing Plate, or “Gelli Plate” while on that search.


It is the most amazing and fun creative tool I have ever purchased. It has changed my life.  I began my journey by watching hours and hours of instructional videos before purchasing the 8 x 10 size, then later, the 3 x 5 inch. I am now truly obsessed. I have purchased stencils, stamps, brayers, paint brushes, paints, paint brush pot, baby wipes, paper towels, deli paper, texture tools, makeup sponges, foam, gesso, pastes, and 800 pounds of assorted journals and papers. When I become obsessed with something, my bank account SCREAMS!! My office looks like Roben Marie Smith blew up in it. Do you love how I dropped that name? Well, I know all of the big artists now, as I have stalked EVERY blog and video ever made on the subject of Gelli Plates. It is a sickness. HA.

Here are a couple of my very first prints. I know, muddy. I am learning how to mix colors too. Not any better at it, but working on it. I am beginning to really like mud.



Then I saw a great video on painting deli papers. If I ever need to wrap a sandwich or burger, I am all set. Ordered a huge box of the papers to paint and then I was on a mission. Here is the result…


Cutting the deli papers into strips make great washi tape to use in mixed media. The following is a random collage that I painted, doodled and stamped on regular journal paper and cut into strips. I love how these came out…you don’t have to be a good artist, just willing to throw a bunch of layers on your paper. Squee! I can do that!!


It’s too bad that I have discovered a love of painting this late in life. So much wasted time. So, I am making up for it now!! Here is my latest gelli collage. I am going to scan it and use it digitally for fun projects as well as use it in my art journals!! I used a big kids drawing pad from the dollar store, as I adore the rough texture. No gesso, just paint. I used my Dylusions paint pots and Martha Stewart acrylic craft paints and then doodled over the top with my new Posca and Signo Uni-ball Pens that I bought recently. They are perfection for writing on paint.


I hope that I will continue to blog about my journey, but make no promises. My stalking takes up most of my day and painting, the rest. Now, I have to figure out the best solution for trash in my office, while I am creating. Right now, I have a pile of trash in a box, that is waist high. Too busy to drag it down the stairs to the curb. This could become a dangerous hoarding situation, as we all know, that paint trash is more like treasure. 🙂